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Mamie Parris


at the Sanford Meisner Theatre, New York City

....A camp musical about the governmental research area where there is much fodder for The X-Files. Pretty high production values and good performances with clever lyrics and good music. There is no reason why this show could not do well Off-Broadway if given the proper opportunity and management. Unfortunately, I am reporting this to you after it has closed (last Sunday). There is a star in the future of Mamie Parris who played Dr. Suzie in this production. And a bravo to Noel Katz, who wrote the music and lyrics.

review by James Marino



at the Mt.WashingtonValley Repertory Theatre Co., NH

....[Mamie] Parris makes an ideal Audrey, lost, wistful and insecure, dreaming of a suburban Utopia. Her rendition of'Somewhere That's Green had the first-night audience spellbound, her voice ranging from whispery fragile-soft to confident and bold. This lady can belt it out with the best of them, and her timing is faultless.

review by Gabrielle Griswold




at the Shawnee Playhouse, Poconos, PA

....As Maria, Ms. Parris bears the heavy burden of creating a real person out of idealized accounts. The incredible thing is: she does it very well. Her performance is honest and varied, meandering skillfully through both comic and dramatic moments. One can only describe her voice as heavenly, with a purity that reminisces Julie Andrews without sounding imitating. She and Mr. Welch make an inspired couple.